When you are in pain it can affect all aspects of your life: work, exercise and many of your everyday activities. We all deserve to live life to the fullest and not have pain or injury hold us back. At Trigger Point Physio we don’t believe it is “normal” to have any type of pain and you shouldn’t have to “put up with any pain or discomfort”. The team at Trigger Point Physio will assist you in getting to bottom of your pain, help you achieve your health goals and get you back to living the life you want to live.
We work closely with our clients in not only the Coorparoo area but in all surrounding suburbs. We also ensure we work closely with Doctors, employers, insurers and other health professionals involved in your care when it is needed. We are flexible enough that we can provide the assessment and treatment that you need. We understand that the assessment and treatment needed for each person is different.
An athlete requires a totally different approach to an office worker so at Trigger Point Physio we can provide the approach that is right for you. This may include manual therapy, trigger point release, massage, biomechanical evaluation, exercise based program and a solid plan for return to work, sport or whatever it is you need to return to.

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