The Trigger Point Process

At Trigger Point Physio we value not only treating the symptoms of our patients but want to understand what the true underlying cause may be. To understand this, we will go through the following 3 steps of The Trigger Point Process:

Step 1: Assessment

One hour is allowed for all initial assessments so that a thorough assessment can be performed to identify structures involved in the problem area and then all possible contributing factors to the issue. All appointments are one-on-one in a private room, ensuring undivided attention. There are no machines or hot packs to “fill in time”.

The physiotherapy assessment includes investigating the musculo-skeletal system, nervous system and other systems that could be contributing factors. Once that occurs a targeted treatment and management plan can be developed

Step 2: Treatment Plan

Once the assessment has been performed, a treatment planned is developed. The assessments will enable clear diagnosis and treatment direction using objective evaluations. This then allows a better understanding of how your body is responding to treatment and ensure the appropriate progression.

We also ensure that we stay up-to-date on all current research and professional development so we can apply this to your management.

Step 3: Self-Management Plan

Once we have gone through Steps 1 and 2,  you are on the road to recovery. The key to Step 3 is for you to apply the strategies you have learned during Step 1 and 2. When you get to this point you should have a much better understanding of what’s going on with your issue, how it got to this point and what you need to do to make sure you manage your condition.

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